Patra Niaga History

Published on 2012-05-20


Although we have changed our name to Pertamina Patra Niaga, we remain committed to always deliver the same high standards of quality and services to our valued customers and vendors.

We are a specialist oil and gas trading company, dealing in fuel and non-fuel product lines.

Our trading activities focus on fuel trading and non-fuel trading. Our fuel trading products include Gasoline, Kerosene, HSD, IDO, MFO 180 cSt and MFO 380 cSt.

Our non-fuel trading products include Polytam, Minarex, Paraffinic, SBPx, Pertasol, LAWS, Asphalt Straight Run – Precipitated, Asphalt Straight Run - Imported, Asphalt Isotank – Precipitated, Asphalt Multigrade – Precipitated, Greencokes – Raw Material, Greencokes – Processed, Slackwax – Raw Material, Slackwax – Olahan, Smooth Fluid, Condensate, Sludge Oil, Solvent Cemara, Paraffin Wax, Sulfur, and MMO (Slackwax).